Tullahoma Bible Church policy respecting the distribution of Bible study media over the internet is a balance between two goals. On the one hand we want to support those who are hungry for God's Word and have no easy access to a local assembly in their own area. On the other hand we do NOT want to promote the substitution of internet based media for the more healthy practice of attending a local assembly when that option is available. Mostly, the media on this site is intended to augment a regular bible study at a local assembly.

To that end we do provide an order form for those would like to sample some of the Tullahoma Bible Church lessons. The intent here is that you be able to get an idea of what Tullahoma Bible Church offers in case you would like to attend our regular services (see Location and Service Times). To receive a sample we ask that you print out and complete this order form and send it to us via regular mail. In response, we will send a series of lessons to you.  

Many of the Tullahoma Bible Church recorded lessons are also available for viewing via the online Manna application. However, that media is password protected and reserved for Tullahoma Bible Church members and for those with special circumstances. If you feel that you have a special circumstance please indicate that in an order form and the church leadership will consider granting access to the material on a case by case basis.